High Quality Interlocking
Vertical Brass Stencils 

Suggested Methods Of Application

Brush Method

Roller Method

Spray Method

Gothic Style - Vertical Composition
Made From Durable Brass - Long Lasting Service 
 Clean With Paint Solvent
Slide Together & Come Apart Easily
Use Brush, Spray Paint or Use Markers

Sets are available from 1" up to 3" letters and numbers.
Each set contains a different assortment of letters only,
numbers only or both letters ands numbers.
Pick the set(s) that are right for you.

Genuine name brands, no generics or substitutions. 
Ready to ship in 5 to 8 business days..

Reusable BRASS Vertical Composition Stencil
Minimum order for brass stencils is $50.00

Please Note: Brass Stencils are Not Returnable

To Order - Check boxes for all sizes wanted.
Then click "Add Checked Items To Cart" at the bottom of the page.

Size Sets and Ordering

Numbers Only  Letters Only

Single sets - 12 Pieces
Made from 28 gauge brass
1- Beginner, 1- Plain Ender
1- Dash, 1- Period

Single sets - 33 Pieces
Made from 28 gauge brass
1- Beginner, 1- Period Ender
1- Spacer, 1- Comma
1- Dash, 1- Period

1"   (10175)   $67.95


1"    (10178)  $191.95


2"   (10176)   $107.95

2"    (10179)  $296.95


3"   (10177)   $122.95


3"    (10181)  $420.95




 Many other stencil sizes  are available upon request
-email us for details-

Custom Stencils from your design are also available
 - email us for details -  

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