Custom Engraved Desk Signs

We can provide you with custom high quality desk sign for your office or business. 
Only the highest quality materials are used to aid in a long life quality product. 
We can provide you with one or as many as you need at an affordable price.

Genuine name brands, no generics or substitutions.

Please Note: There is a $15.00 minimum on all plaques, seals,
stencils, ticket punches, inks and stamps.
This can be applied in any combination of items.

Ready to ship in 3 to 6 business days.

3 base styles of the desk sign are available.
Gold metal base, Silver metal base or 
Genuine Walnut Wood base.
2 sizes available 2" x 8" or 2" x 10".
(gold & walnut pictured above)

Order your sign from the options below.

Select size of desk sign
(pictured above):


Name/Title to be engraved on desk sign:
Please type the name of the person, press enter, then type the title (If desired) and press enter. If you are ordering more than one sign, press the enter key after you type the name and title of each person for whom you wish to order a desk sign.

Quantity of  signs:
Select engraved font style:

Goudy Font Style

Block Font Style  

Roman Outline Font Style  

Two Line Script Font Style  
Select sign color background: (band represents letter color)

Light Walnut
         Light Oak             Rosewood 
(white letters)            (brown letters)            (white letters)

Brush Gold 
         Brush Silver          Black        
(black letters)            (black letters)            (white letters)

         White                   White        
(black letters)            (red letters)               (blue letters)

         Blue                     Pine Green
(white letters)            (white letters)            (white letters)

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