Specialty Inks

High Quality Special Purpose Ink 
to re-ink your ink pad.

Specialty Inks

Highest quality ink to re-ink your Pad.  
For use on many hard to ink surfaces.  

Some Inking surfaces include:
Aluminum Foil - Cans - Cellophane - Cloth
Concrete - Corrugated Cartons - Glass - Metal Parachute - Photographs - Pipe - Plastic
Printed Circuit Boards - PVC Rubber
Wax Coated Paper - Wood: Dry Lumber
Wood: Raw - Wood: Coated 

Each type of ink is available
in 4 oz. to 128 oz. containers.

Select the formula below based 
on the type of surface to be inked 
and the dry time required.

 Use our quick jump chart to go right
 to the ink that your need. 

Premium Made Quality Ink For Over 50 Years 
You should use a felt pad or better quality as you ink pad.
Metal Case Pads will hold up the best with this type of ink.

The inks shown below are formulated to be used with a
Traditional Handle Red Rubber Stamp.

If you need an ink to use with a rotating band stamp or
a Comet self inking unit, etc, contact us for the proper ink.

*Ink formula 8300 can be used with comet  metal self-inkers 
and pullman rubber stamps.

*Please note that metal turning wheels will be required
on these stampers if this type of ink is used.

Shipping Info
We ship all ink by UPS Ground Service unless otherwise specified. 

Genuine name brands, no generics or substitutions.  

Ready to ship in 3 to 7
business days.

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Slow =over 45 sec Medium=15 to 45 sec Fast =15 sec or less
Archival, Fiber Paper 572

Aluminum, Foil 141
Super Marking
8300 (self-inker)

Cellophane 214
Super Marking
8300 (self-inker)

Cloth / Laundry Indelible Laundry
Super Marking
8383 (self-inker)

gov. use

Concrete 42M (Formally 1045)

Corrugated Cartons, Kraft,
Gummed Tape

720 (now #5127)

Food Packaging

Frozen Food Packaging
Frozen Food Ink

Metal 214
Super Marking

8300 (self-inker)

Slow =over 45 sec Medium=15 to 45 sec Fast =15 sec or less
Oil Coated Drums 752 (Formally 652)

Painted Surface & Mylar 6606

Super Marking

Paper Varnished, 
Wax Coated

Super Marking 8300 (self-inker)

Parachute, Pack Cloth,
    Parachute 628

Parachute 1332

Photos 141


Super Marking   1250

8300 (self-inker)


Plastic with oil film 752 (Formally 652)

Polyethylene 5464
752 (Formally 652)


8300 (self-inker)

Slow =over 45 sec Medium=15 to 45 sec Fast =15 sec or less
Polypropylene 432

Printed Circuit Boards 432

Rubber Super Marking   628

Skin Invisible Ink (6330)

Stencil :
Metal Steel Drum
42M (Formally 1045)

Wax Coated Paper 1250

Wood: Dry & Lumber 42M (Formally 1045)

Wood: Raw 620



Super Marking

Wood: Coated 141

Super Marking

8300 (self-inker)

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