Pullman Long Ledger Date Stamps


The original Pullman Long Ledger Dater.  Recognized internationally as the "world's finest" brand name in reliable office products.

Polished wood handles and chrome plated metal frames offer you great performance and durability. 

Made expressly to stamp the date in a limited space. Bookkeeping departments, passbook tellers and accounting departments find these ideal for dating ledger cards and making entries.

Genuine name brands, no generics or substitutions. 

Price includes plastic turning wheels. Metal turning wheels are available at $10.00 additional cost per unit. 

Assembled with the month, day and year on 3 bands.
Month band has 12 months.
Day band has numerals 1 to 31.
Year band has 12 years

These custom items are ready to ship in 7 to 10 business days.

Custom bands can also be made with your specific words, phrases, symbols, fractions, codes, etc. Special bands can be assembled in combination with stock bands in all popular frames and sizes. 
Please email us  with your layout/band arrangement and 
character size for quote.


If you will be using Specialty Ink or other quick dry alcohol based ink, it will be necessary to have metal turning wheels on your stamp.

Number & Character graphics below are enlarged for clarity

Minimum order is $15.00 in any combination of Pullman Stamps

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Price Wheels
Model # LFLD-0O
Character size (1/16") High
  (not to scale)
* Units assembled with metal wheels cannot be returned or exchanged.

Special Instructions:


Order your Specialty Ink Below:
Please note: ( you must use a red rubber stamp with metal turning wheels)
This is a special Ink and is only to be used with 
Pullman or Comet Stamps.

Rubber Stamp Cleaner For Pullman & Comet Stamps only:
Use to dissolve ink build up & resin from rotating bands.
Soak stamp for 5-10 minutes to clean & free stuck bands.
Alcohol based.

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