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Interchangeable Rubber Stamps

Offers flexibility in marking

  The Ribtype™ system of interlocking ribbed-rubber provides the ultimate is stamping flexibility. The ribs on the back of the type interlock with the ribs on a rubber base that may be adhered to hand stamps, hand-held print wheels and to machinery such as automatic roll coders and reciprocating coders.

Ribtype™ is often used to print date codes on food and beverage packaging, model numbers on manufactured products and identification codes on corrugated boxes.

Available in box sets from 1/16 inch up to 5/8 inch.
Custom Ribtype™ logos or messages can also be made.
Type is made of natural rubber which is best for general purpose with water-based or alcohol based inks.

Type sets can also be custom made from:
Black Buna (oil and acid resistant)
Green PVC (provides greater durability in some applications)
Silicone ( for thermal (hot) ink transfer printers)
Deep Relief (thicker overall for printing on uneven surfaces)

You will also need to order a mount or handle stamp to hold the Ribtype™ letter/number sets that you purchase. This is necessary if you do not already have a mounting system to hold your letters/numbers.

****Click here for Ribtype™ Mounts & Handle Stamps****

You can email us for details and assistance.

Shown below are samples of the available Ribtype™ styles and sizes.

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Genuine name brands, no generics or substitutions. 

Minimum order is $20.00 in any combination of Ribtype™.

These items are available to ship in 5 to 7 business days.

RibType Font Sample Chart Comparison
RibType Brand Conversion Chart

Bold Extended Typestyle
Alpha Sets (TO) 

No. of
Alpha Sets (TO)
Alpha Sets
Figure Sets (FO)
Figure Sets
    3/16" 2 TO82 5A $19.55 FO82 5F $9.80    
    1/4" 2 TO83 5A $22.03 FO83 5F $12.34    
    5/16" 3 TO84 5A $23.20 FO84 5F $14.57    
    3/8" 3 TO85 5A $36.28 FO85 5F $15.95    
    1/2" 4 TO86 5A $53.18 FO86 5F $19.76    

Minimum order is $20.00 in any combination of Ribtype™.

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Also Available for your Ribtype™ sets are
Ribtype™ Rocker Mounts, Self-Inking Mounts & Handle Stamps


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