Xstamper Pre-Inked Stamps
Special Sale Prices for internet orders only.

  Large Business Address Xstampers

Perfect for large business addresses,
 signatures, notary stamps and endorsements.

Genuine name brands, no generics or substitutions. 

These custom made items are ready to ship in 5 to 10 business days.
Please Note: There is a $15.00 minimum on all Xstamper inks and stamps.
This can be applied in any combination of Xstamper items.

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Copy Area: 7/8" x 2 3/4" Maximum
Maximum characters per line = 38
Maximum 6 lines

1) Do you want a border on stamp?
Include Border on Stamp  No Border on Stamp

2) Please select style layout:

N18-114-$44.25 Sale $33.19

N18-116-$44.25 Sale $33.19

N18-123-$44.25 Sale $33.19

N18-131-$44.25 Sale $33.19

N18-133-$44.25 Sale $33.19

N18-142-$44.25 Sale $33.19

N18-154-$44.25 Sale $33.19

N18-225-$44.25 Sale $33.19

N18-304-$44.25 Sale $33.19

N18-404-$44.25 Sale $33.19

N18-444-$44.25 Sale $33.19

N18-524-$44.25 Sale $33.19

N18-800-$44.25 Sale $33.19

N18-803-$44.25 Sale $33.19


3) All stamps are available in 5 ink colors.
Please select your stamp ink color:
Black Ink Blue Ink Red InkGreen Ink  Purple Ink 

4) Please type in the text to be printed on your stamp:
(leave empty lines blank)

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