Xstamper Pre-Inked Stamps
Re-inking Instructions

General Instructions:
Time Required: After inking allow 12 hours before using to allow ink to penetrate the Xstamper system. If after this time copy is still too light, re-ink again.

1- Refill with same color as your original stamp.
2- Because of the different models, the method used to re-ink will vary.
3- Follow the instructions and pictures for your model.
4- Make sure ink is completely absorbed when applied to
5- After inking, leave Xstamper in an upright position to prevent leakage and to allow complete ink absorption.

Specific Model Instructions:

Small Title Stamp - One & Two Color Stamp
Remove the handle and place drops of ink between the openings. 
Title & Small Title Stamp - 3 to 4 drops.
Two Color Title Stamp - Uses blue and red ink. 
Notice the different colors in the openings. 
Place 1 to 2 drops of ink into the openings with the appropriate color.  

One & Two Color Jumbo Stamp
Slide rubber holder out of plastic guard. 
Place 2 drops of ink evenly into each channel.

Specialty Stamp
Remove the handle and place drops of ink into the opening. 
Specialty stamp - 1 to 2 drops. 

Spin 'N Stamp
With bottom facing you, hold the dial tightly so it does not move and slide out the rubber stamp cartridge. 
Put 3 to 4 drops of ink into the channel.
To insert stamp cartridge, slide in cartridge along the rails until the cartridge clicks into place.
Be sure to insert the cartridge into the holder starting with the double slots side first.

Line Dater, Versadater (use cartridge refills only)
Remove Impression Frame or dater base.
Cut off tip of ink cartridge about 1/4" from the end of nozzle.
Insert the tip of
cartridge into either side of the Impression Frame and gently squeeze several drops along the openings.
For the Line dater, do not remove the screw as required in previous models.
Insert cartridge into the hole above the date of the Line Dater and gently squeeze the entire cartridge into the reservoir hole.

Die Plate Dater
Remove stamp from base and add 5 to 6 drops of ink around the outside.
1 to 2 drops of ink on the inside.

Rotary Date & Time Stamp
Pull plastic handle with plastic shield from base.
To refill blue ink, place 6 drops of ink into plastic shaft.
To refill red ink, squeeze 2 to 3 drops into each of 3 openings in the base.

10-IN-1 Phrase Stamp & Number Stamp
Remove screw cap on lower right side of stamp.
Cut off tip of ink cartridge about 1/4" from end of nozzle.
Insert tip of cartridge into hole and gently squeeze all the ink into stamp.
Replace screw cap and tighten.

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